I've lost my head

I've lost my head. It's official. How did I miss I Could Be A Monkey's release here!

HEY! GUESS WHAT! My first children's book is officially here! It's already been nominated for Best Children's Book at the Ozarks Indie Book Fest!

"Absolutely beautiful and touching. Every child needs this book . . . But especially special needs children who fight more battles than we realize and their encouraging and loving parents."
"Perfect children's book to encourage self discovery and imagination. The illustrations are engaging and thoughtful. My toddlers want to read it over and over and I love it too, which is always a plus. A sweet message that is applicable to all ages."

Everyone is loving it! Make sure you grab your copy TODAY!


Explore the joy of encouraging creativity and self-expression. Be brave. Be adventurous. Be bold. Be anything you want to be.

In a big world filled with so many possibilities and challenges, this book explores the importance of encouraging children to be brave and use their imagination. With vibrant illustrations, I Could Be A Monkey celebrates a simple, loving message of support and acceptance.


The Mindy 411

Hey y'all,
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've seen what's been going on in my life over the summer, but if not I wanted to give a little update.

I'm sorry I've been pretty MIA for the last few months. Sadly, it's not because I've been busy in my writing cave. I know I'm normally a pretty transparent person when it comes to my life, but I've had to keep something close to my heart––to respect the privacy of family––for quite some time and more recently for the last couple months. Something devastating that has taken a toll on my heart and mind. It means I've had to take a break from writing for the the summer and will continue to put a hold on words until I can mentally get back to a version of myself.
This unfortunately means any books I've promised for the near future have been put on hold.
I can promise you one novella Michele and I worked on recently for WaWa Productions––the 10 Things I Love About You anthology set in the 90s––that will be coming in December, but any other books have taken a backseat.
It breaks my heart to have to do this. I promise this is not a decision I took lightly. I know this is disappointing to many of you, but I'm human and can only handle so much at one time.
Thank you, my friends, for your understanding and support.

This is a big one

Okay y'all. Are you ready for it? We've got to have a little cover chat.

This is something Michele and I have agonized over for months.

When we designed the Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost cover we had no plans for a series. We had the story for Brett and Ruby, and that's all we thought was going to happen. Then characters we grew to love were born (enter Cole and Amber) and their lives became ones we were invested in and thus Subway Stops and the Places We Meet and Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned started to weasel their way into our minds.

When we first got the cover ideas for The Paper Planes Series they made sense as a whole. We created them before we wrote the other stories. Paper Planes laid down the foundation. We LOVE that cover and always will. But as we finished Subway Stops and Chasing Cars the covers stopped lining up with the stories. Paper Planes is a solid YA cover with a solid YA story. The others, not so much.

So, now comes why we're here today.

We're changing the e-book covers

Why? Why would you do that? I know. I get it. Trust me. This is not a decision we made lightly. We love the Subway Stops and Chasing Cars covers too. I'm telling you. We AGONIZED over this, you guys. I drew them for goodness sake. They're as original as they come. So don't you worry your pretty little faces. They WILL remain in paperback! They'll go perfectly together on your shelf. You should buy them.

The thing is, we've learned over the last several months that Subway Stops and Chasing Cars don't reach readers packaged the way they are. When I told a good friend of mine (who is an avid contemporary romance reader) we were changing them, she looked at me with all the disappointment in the world and said, "But they're so cute!" So I said, "But if you didn't know who I was would you pick one of them up?" Her face immediately changed and she said, "You're right. I wouldn't give them a second thought."

These are standalone adult contemporary romances, people. With their current look, they appear to be YA or like a series you HAVE to read in order. Obviously, we would love for people to read all three stories. While it's great to get the entire story arc (and lovers of the series will tell you to start from the beginning), there's no reason you can't read Amber and Olle's story or Sam and Cole's without reading the other books first. We feel it's a disservice to Cole, Sam, Amber, and Olle if we don't do everything we can to get them into the hands of readers. We want everyone to know and love them as much as we do!

Here they are!

But, wait. I have more news! Other than the beautiful new covers? Yup. Steering away from matchy matchy covers, makes it A LOT easier for us to write more Paper Planes novels! You heard me. We have MORE planned! More standalone novels following other Flight 397 families—and maybe if you're lucky some characters you've grown to love with make a return. By branding each book differently it helps to give them their own identity. You can look for 'a paper planes novel' on the covers and know what you're getting—a Mindy Michele sweet romance sure to make you laugh, cry, and swoon!

Currently, Subway Stops is only available on Amazon.
You can read it for FREE with #KindleUnlimited or grab it here:


Chasing Cars is available here:

iBooks: http://bit.ly/ChasingCars_iBooks
B&N: http://bit.ly/ChasingCars_BarnesNoble
AMAZON US: http://bit.ly/ChasingCars_AmzUS
AMAZON UK: http://bit.ly/ChasingCars_AmzUK
Kobo: http://bit.ly/ChasingCars_Kobo

Chasing Cars is LIVE

This book y'all. THIS. BOOK.

When Michele suggested we base Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned in Finland of course I was all over it. I've always wanted to base one of my books there, but I've been hesitant. Finnish isn't a love language. It's one of the hardest to learn. And most people know nothing about Finland. How in the world was I going to write about Finland and give the people, the culture, the country justice? Well, I had a little help. My mom who was born and raised in Finland was at my beck and call. Thanks Mama.

This book is my blood. There's so much of me in it. Parts of my parent's love story. Parts of my grandparent's love story. A character that's a mixture of my mom and grandma. I LOVE THIS BOOKS SO MUCH.

But it's so much more than the Finnish aspect. It's a book about a woman who doesn't see her worth and a dedicated man willing to go any length to show her she is more than she sees.

This book tore me apart and put me back together while writing with Michele. There were no days of writer's block or lulls that we couldn't work through. We had a story that needed to be told and it flowed seamlessly. Those are the stories I know I was meant to write. It was so hard to say goodbye to these characters at the end. The time flew by WAY too quickly. I love Olle and Amber so much, and I hope you love them too.



On June 18, 1992, Flight 397 crashed off the coast of Long Island.

After Amber Pratt lost her parents, her life turned into a downward spiral. So, she did what any twenty-one-year-old would do; she quit her life to backpack across Europe.

Olle Holström was supposed to be a fling in the wilds of Finland. A detour. That is all it should have been.

It was so much more.

A Sweet Adult Contemporary Romance, this is the third book in the Paper Planes series. It can be read as a standalone, but books 1-3 follow the members of one family and is best read together to get the complete tale.
#1 Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost (YA)
#2 Subway Stops and the Places We Meet (Adult)
#3 Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned (Adult)

So many stories, not enough time

I can't believe this year is almost halfway over! After quitting my full time job and becoming a full time writer in January, I had my book year planned out. But sometimes plans change and with a creative brain, who's a 100% pantster, I go where the inspiration goes. So, I figured it was time to give a little update!

You might be wondering what's coming after Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned releases on May 16th. I've got so many projects in the mix right now it's hard to tell which one will come out first! So, let's break it down a little.

I Could Be A Monkey is coming very soon. It's in the interior formatting stage right now. The hope is to have it available next month before Utopia Con! Cross your fingers and toes.

At this very moment, Michele and I are writing our novella for the 10 Things I Love About You box set coming this FALL. The story is unfolding into what could be something bigger and we're super excited about it! So be on the look out for that.

But before 10 Things I Love About You came to fruition, Michele and I were working on another story––one that we were almost done with!––and then completely reworked the story line on our road trip to Authors in the Bluegrass last month. We're still hoping to have this one completed before the end of the year, but we shall see!

For my solo books? Willowhaven #3, Stain, and Faylinn #5? Well, unfortunately those got put on the back burner. I still think about them and plot as ideas come to me, but writing with Michele has been where the inspiration is. And I know y'all want stories I love and care about, and don't force. Those books are still coming, I just can't tell you when.

The plan was to get all these books out before the end of the year, but I've got a lot going on personally. Between selling and building a house, moving to Utah (temporarily) at the end of the year to start IVF treatments, and other family and personal things, bear with me! There's still a lot of exciting things to come! Just might not be in the timeline I had planned.


New Writing Adventure

When Michele and I finished Chasing Cars we thought we were done with the 90s, but we recently joined an awesome new project!


We just can't seem to get enough of the 90s! We're so stoked to announce our next writing adventure coming this fall! 10 Things I Love About You is a collection of NEW stories with 10 other authors put together by WAWA Productions: the fabulous Regina Wamba (one of my cover designers) and Janet Wallace (the founder of Utopia Con). Each novella will be set in a year in the 90s and named a song title from that year. AND a portion of every sale goes to DirectRelief.org. OMG Becky! It just gets better and better.

If you know anything about me, you know Heath Ledger was MY heartthrob! I sobbed for days in front of the TV watching the news after his death. It's still hard for me to get through 10 Things I Hate About You. I get to the part where he starts singing Can't Take My Eyes Off You on the bleachers and I have to turn it off. Makes me all weepy! So, when I saw this as the theme I about died. I LOVE THIS SO HARD! Can't wait to share our story with you!

I Could Be A Monkey

Y'all this one has been a long time coming and I'm so excited to finally share the cover of I Could Be A Monkey with you!

I first got the idea for this book a few years ago when I was speaking with a friend who has a son with severe autism. Because of his disability it’s difficult for him to relate to others, but the one thing he loves most is to pretend he is a monkey. My good friend decided to paint the inside of his closet like a jungle and reinforce the clothing rod so he could have a place to be himself, swinging around and doing tricks.

It touched my heart and reminded me of all the things parents do that children might not realize, so they feel loved and accepted and encouraged to be whatever they want to be.

I'm so blessed to have such talented friends to create this book with! Veranda (illustrator) and Starla (interior formatter) are rock stars!

There's no official release date yet. Because this is my first children's book, the process has been a little different. So as soon as it's available for purchase I'll be shouting it from the mountaintops!

Sauna 101

Alright y'all. Chasing Cars is coming in less than a month! And with it being set in Finland, there's a few things you need to know! For today I'm going to tell you a little about saunas. You're probably thinking I know what a sauna is. It's hot. And you sit in it. In misery.

WELL, first of all, sauna is a Finnish word and it's all about the pronunciation. It's not Saw-na. It's Sao-oo-na. At least, that's the closest I can get to how to phonetically sound it out. I'm no linguist.

Second, did you know nearly every family in Finland has one? Finns love their saunas. It's a HUGE part of their culture. They use their saunas several times during the week.

Third, they can get up to 70˚-90˚ Celsius. Yeah, you read that right. CELSIUS. So, like 158˚-194˚ Fahrenheit. Now it's not so bad when you have a nice cold lake to jump into when the heat becomes too uncomfortable.

Also, Finns go buck naked. Yup. Even in mixed company. Though, they sometimes keep genders separated unless you're family or married. But, don't be surprised if you go to a public sauna in Finland and get an eyeful. It's not uncommon. It's not a sexual thing. It's just a sauna. If you want, wrap a towel around yourself.

Next, saunas are kind of a holy place for Finns. Even someone who might swear like a sailor, will hold back because it's considered rude to curse in a saunas. It's a place for relaxation, almost meditative. Don't be rude.

Lastly, the reason for this post. The vihta. Vee-ta. It's a bunch of dried birch leaves tied together. What do you do with it? You gently slap your skin with it in the sauna. What? I know. Crazy Finns. But, it's actually really good for you. The oils help with bugs bites and sore muscles. So, when Amber sees a vihta hanging outside the sauna door, a little confused, she has to ask Olle...

Now, we didn't set Chasing Cars in Finland for the heck of it. Fun fact. I'm half Finnish. My mom was born and raised there until she moved to the States when she was 18 to marry my dad. So, I'm a little familiar with the country and have traveled there a few times. We based Olle's mökki off of my grandparent's. What's a mökki? The short answer? It's a cottage. So, if you want more of a visual into Olle's world here's a few shots of my grandparent's land.

The sauna. And some random people. JK. That's my family.

The sauna. And some random people. JK. That's my family.

Chillin' in the sauna with my sisters. Don't mind the mane I'm rockin'. There's no electricity or plumbing there. But that's a post for another day.

Chillin' in the sauna with my sisters. Don't mind the mane I'm rockin'. There's no electricity or plumbing there. But that's a post for another day.

The lake we jump into when we need to cool down. Also used for various other things which you'll hear about in Chasing Cars!

The lake we jump into when we need to cool down. Also used for various other things which you'll hear about in Chasing Cars!

Be sure to PRE-ORDER Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned for 99¢!

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**The Amazon pre-order link will be available soon with the same price!**

cover reveals

Chasing Cars Cover Reveal

IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! Ain't it cute? We can't wait for you to read Amber and Olle's story! This cover was not an easy one to get right. Though a year ago when the Paper Planes Series idea came to fruition and we mocked up all the covers, by the time we finished Chasing Cars the cover just wasn't doing it for us anymore. So after a MILLION different mock-ups. Yup. A million. We got this baby. Apparently I can draw. Who knew? Again, a big thanks to Designs by Starla who executed our design!


Be sure to pre-order Chasing Cars TODAY for 99¢ from Nook or iBooks! Amazon pre-order will be coming soon! And if you haven't already read Paper Planes and Subway Stops, they are both on sale for 99¢ for a LIMITED TIME! Links are below!

Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned
Series: Paper Planes #3
Genre: Sweet, New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Rated: PG-13
Release Date: May16th

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On June 18, 1992, Flight 397 crashed off the coast of Long Island. 

After Amber Pratt lost her parents, her life turned into a downward spiral. So, she did what any twenty-one-year-old would do; she quit her life to backpack across Europe.

Olle Holström was supposed to be a fling in the wilds of Finland. A detour. That is all it should have been. 

It was so much more.

Olle pulls my chair out. Always a gentleman. “Thank you.”  
“Ole hyvä,” he says close to my ear, his hand brushing my bare shoulder as he takes the seat next to mine. Not across, the way he did during our meal at the fortress Monday.
Everything about this night feels different. Important. Shaking the meaning of our date away, I look at the menu the hostess left. English. Well, that’s a relief. I scoot forward in my seat and peruse the offerings. My leg bouncing on the toe of my fancy shoes with nerves.
“I imagine this might not be politically correct here, but I have to tell you I’ll be mildly irritated if you order the reindeer.”
He chuckles. “You do not eat deer in the States?”
“Deer, yes. Rudolph, no.”
His shoulders shake with suppressed laughter. “It is not much different, but for you, okei.”


Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost

Subway Stops and the Places We Meet

| About the Authors |

Michele writes novels with fairytale love for everyday life. Romance is always central to her plots where the genres range from Coming of Age Fantasy and Drama to New Adult Romantic Suspense.

Having grown up in both the cold, quiet town of Topsham, Maine and the steamy, southern hospitality of Mobile, Alabama, Michele is something of an enigma. She is an avid Yankees fan, loves New England, being outdoors and misses snow. However she thinks southern boys are hotter, Alabama football is the only REAL football out there and sweet tea is the best thing this side of heaven and her children's laughter! 

Her family, an amazing husband and three awesome kids, have planted their roots in the middle of Michele's two childhood homes in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Mindy is the youngest of six children and grew up in San Diego, California. After graduating from Brigham Young University-Idaho, Mindy discovered her passion for reading and writing. Mindy and her husband have been married for nine years and live in Summerville, South Carolina. 

She is the author of the YA fantasy series, The Faylinn Novels; the adult contemporary romance series, The Willowhaven Series; as well as the coming of age standalone, The Day That Saved Us.

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It's Book Release Day!

Facebook Cover.png

It's my FAVORITE day! Book release Day! Michele and I are so excited to share Subway Stops and the Places We Meet with you. As with every book we have written together, the story flew from our fingertips. It was finished within only a couple months. We just couldn't stay away from them. We hope you love Cole and Same as much as we do. Be sure to snag a copy from any platform today!

Subway Stops and the Places We Meet

 by Mindy Hayes and Michele G Miller

Series: Paper Planes Series

**Subway Stops is the second book in the Paper Planes series co-written by Mindy Hayes and Michele G. Miller. It can be read on its own, but we recommend you read them in order for your full reading enjoyment. This is a PG-13 adult contemporary romance.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2kylky2
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2lq9GXP

iBooks: http://apple.co/2k9dWuJ
B&N: http://bit.ly/2lq11Ve
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