kaleidoscope, photoshoots

faeries taste the sweetest

last weekend we did the photo shoot for kaleidoscope's cover art and it went fabulously! the one thing we weren't anticipating was the flock of mosquitoes that lurked in the forest. we're idiots, right? of course mosquitoes revel in humid dark woodlands. the total count of mosquito bites on our lovely model, jessica, was 70 bites! WIN! they enjoyed the taste of her most of all. faeries must be the sweetest ;) the photographer and i only ended up with about 20 bites. i'm still experiencing itchy aftereffects.

though in between shots we were flailing about like a bunch of monkeys, abbey got some beautiful shots! we met up last tuesday and found some perfect images. SO hopefully i'll have the cover reveal some time next month! woot! i can't wait to show you all! super excited!

thank you to the fabulous abbey bensen! you got a whole lot more than you bargained for in the trees. i appreciate you for enduring the surroundings for the sake of my book! and jj you were such a trooper for getting your inner faery on. you held it together like a champ!