writing rants


I've been in a writing slump recently and I HATE writing slumps because then I feel like my time is just wasting away as I sit on my couch and do nothing, but watch TV or stalk people on facebook(that's all facebook is really...a stalking tool). Five years ago I would have reveled in the idea of just vegging and watching TV. During college that's all my roommates and I did and I loved it. But now I just feel unproductive and useless if I'm not writing or reading a book on my to-read list. What is THAT about? I can't even just relax anymore. HELP! For the love of all things help me get out of this writing slump. I've got Ember to finish for goodness sake! The story is there somewhere in my head I've just got to get it on paper dangit!

Oh, PS...12 days