Day Duology

Hey y'all! I know it's been a long time since I've blogged, but I promise it's because I've been trying to get my butt back in gear and into the writing world. Today, I'm blogging with fun stuff to say and share!

I've been pretty tight lipped about my next release. Mainly, because there have been so many changes, and I don't want to keep giving you irrelevant info and having to correct myself. No one likes that. I hate it the most when I have to come back to you and say 'just kidding!' Alas, I am coming to you to retract two things. First, In March I revealed a BEAUTIFUL cover for The Day That Saved Us. WELL, as the story developed not only did the cover no longer fit the feel I had in mind, but the book turned into TWO books, creating The Day Duology: The Day That Changed Us (Book 1) & The Day That Saved Us (Book 2). And second, as I mentioned, the cover transformed in my mind and therefore had to change. So I come to you today with not one, but TWO new covers! And a blurb for The Day That Changed Us (since it's kind of a mouthful feel free to abbreviate. I do! TDTCU)

The awesome, Starla Huchton, helped a sister out and worked to put the idea I had in mind into cover form. I'm in love and I hope you're just as excited about the change as I am! Without further adieu...





By themselves they're pretty great, but together they make the complete story. Oh my gosh I love them.


My family spends every summer on Cape Hatteras. When we're there, we unite. The ocean heals our family. We relax and lose ourselves in the salt air.

Nothing could put a damper on the sun, sand, and surf. Nothing except spending the first summer in Hatteras since my dad passed away. Or knowing this is the last summer before my best friend, Brodee Fisher, and I depart for different colleges. It also doesn't help that I find myself falling in love with him.

As the warm days fly by, friendship transforms.

Love is tested.

And nothing will ever be the same.

My name is Peyton Parker, and this summer anything could happen.

NOW you probably want to know when you'll get to read these books. I do not have release dates, and I'm not going to have release dates because I honestly don't know the exact day I'll be able to make them available. But, what I can tell you is that The Day That Changed Us (Book 1) will be coming to you this SPRING!