Glimmer And Other Faylinn Novellas

I saw this image on Mae I Design's photography page about a year ago and knew it had to be mine. Kim is a perfect Sarai. I'd been toying around with some Faylinn spinoff stories in my head, but I wasn't sure which stories to write or if I actually would get around to it. (Right now I have about 10 different stories clamoring around in my brain for attention.) When I saw this image I knew the Faylinn story I needed to tell.

Regina never disappoints! She finished the cover yesterday and I couldn't wait to share it. I haven't been able to stop staring at it since.

Title: Glimmer (Faylinn #4)

Sarai is attempting to pick up the pieces of Rymidon after the Battle of Faylinn.

Like it or not, Cameron is doing his best to keep his promise to Calliope by taking care of Lia.

Lia is guilt-stricken and lost in the human world in which she no longer feels she belongs.

Everyone is trying to find their place. Life is moving forward. The war is over, but the fight has only just begun.

Pre-Order on iBooks:

Release Date: December 9, 2016

How long will Glimmer be?

Glimmer is a novella. Meaning, it'll be around 45,000 words (about half the size of the others).

Will it be available on all platforms?

Yes! Right now it's only available for pre-order through iBooks, but as soon as it's available on the other platforms I will post links!

Will there be more Faylinn novels?

I have plans to write three Faylinn companion NOVELLAS (Glimmer included). The reason for Glimmer being #4 in the series is that the companion novellas will not be able to be read without reading Faylinn 1 - 3 first, unless the reader wants to be lost or spoiled. All of the novellas will either take place after Luminary (#3) or they will be re-tellings (in the loosest sense of the word) from other characters POV's.

Who will be in the novellas?

You'll get to see all of your favorite characters! Calliope, Kai and Declan will make appearances, but Calliope's story is finished. Sadly, she has nothing more to tell me. I haven't decided who Faylinn 5 and 6 will be about yet, but I've been mulling around several different ideas for years, so it'll just depend on what story really screams at me to be told.

When will the others be released?

I don't have any set dates for the other novellas. There are so many other stories I have to write and co-write (because Michele and I have so many stories we want to tell together). My goal is torelease one a year, but plans often change in the self-publishing world, so I won't make any promises. Just know they are coming!