I Could Be A Monkey

Y'all this one has been a long time coming and I'm so excited to finally share the cover of I Could Be A Monkey with you!

I first got the idea for this book a few years ago when I was speaking with a friend who has a son with severe autism. Because of his disability it’s difficult for him to relate to others, but the one thing he loves most is to pretend he is a monkey. My good friend decided to paint the inside of his closet like a jungle and reinforce the clothing rod so he could have a place to be himself, swinging around and doing tricks.

It touched my heart and reminded me of all the things parents do that children might not realize, so they feel loved and accepted and encouraged to be whatever they want to be.

I'm so blessed to have such talented friends to create this book with! Veranda (illustrator) and Starla (interior formatter) are rock stars!

There's no official release date yet. Because this is my first children's book, the process has been a little different. So as soon as it's available for purchase I'll be shouting it from the mountaintops!