New Look for Willowhaven

Now Available(18).png

YAY for cover reveal days! I love them almost as much as release days.

As much as I love the original Willowhaven covers, something was missing. The stories aren't just about the girl. It's why I wrote them in dual POV. The men deserve a presence, too. I scoured custom photography sites for months and months until I found my perfect matches. I had my eye on these images from K Keeton Designs for awhile and held onto them for over a year. A YEAR. Do you know how painful that is?? I couldn't be happier with what Okay Creations. has done with The Willowhaven Series. Sarah Hansen knows what I want when I don't even know what I want. I basically said make them pretty and she ran with it. I think she hit the mark!




Those full jackets though...

MeAfterYouNEW 5_25x8 cream 334.jpg
MeWithoutYouNEW 5_25x8 cream 370.jpg
MeToYou Full.jpg

The new covers aren't available in paperback yet, but they will be soon!