The Willowhaven Series

The Willowhaven series is a clean romance standalone series. each book follows different characters and can be read on their own, but it is recommended they be read in order to avoid minors spoilers from previous books.

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willowhaven one

Widowed at twenty-five, Sawyer Hartwell has no choice but to return to her hometown. Broke and alone, the intention was to heal and find herself again, but how can she heal in a place filled with so much sorrow and memories she yearns to forget? 

Dean Preston has regretted leaving Willowhaven since the day he rode off on his motorcycle six years ago, destroying the only love he had ever known. Returning too late, he's found small comfort in a new life with Lily, but with Sawyer back he's not sure of anything anymore. 

 The time has come for Sawyer and Dean to face the past, to learn from their mistakes. The road to healing is paved with old wounds, each one threatening to tear them down completely. Carrying their own scars close to their hearts, they must both confront what's gone before or lose their second chance. 

The measure of who we are is what we survive. Who we become is up to us.

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Filled with angst and regret and guilt and first true love. Oh I was so hooked...A beautiful must-read (pack your own tissues, chocolate and wine)!
— Lisa, My Favorite Things
This book. Wow! Just wow. This had so many feels I can’t even count them ... 5 awesome, beautiful stars! ABSOLUTELY loved this book!
— Janae, Janae's Book Obsession
It was heartbreaking and hopeful and devastating and humorous and simply beautiful.
— Amy, Goodreads review
I cried and cried. I absolutely fell in love with the characters. The story was unfolded at the perfect pace. I could not stop reading. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
— Sarah Rush, Amazon review


Since her father's abandonment eight years ago, Alix Fink has done everything in her power to keep her family's affairs private. She’s as closed off as they come, but Aiden Ballard wants to remedy that. Though it’s been a losing battle, Aiden has been desperate to win Alix’s heart for years.

Everyone knows Aiden Ballard’s parent’s lives were lost in a fatal car accident when he was sixteen, but only Aiden knows what really happened that fateful night; something he’s been desperate to hide from everyone for the last nine years—especially from Alix.

In the small town of Willowhaven, secrets have a way of revealing themselves. Alix and Aiden couldn’t be farther from perfect, but they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. When their secrets rise to the surface, they must overcome them or face a lifetime of loneliness.

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Only available on: AMAZON

I have no words for how much I loved this book. Don’t waste another moment, read this book. You won’t regret it. And that Aiden Ballard? Holy swoon!!
— Lyndsey, Goodreads review
This book has everything- humor, tension, pain, growth, trust, hope, love, and tears, tears, tears. I would definitely recommend you read it. Like, yesterday.
— Jessica Surgett, Goodreads review