kaleidoscope, writing rants

our love/hate relationship

okay. so when i think about kaleidoscope...yes. there's the title! i'll give you little tid bits along the way...i can't just throw it all at you. what would be the fun in that? i digress,(i've always wanted to say that) i get little butterflies in my stomach.
every indie writer i've ever blog-stalked will tell you the same thing with their first self-pubbed book...they really don't think anyone will read it. it's the fear they all have and i have it too. so, if you don't actually believe anyone will buy it, why put it out there? BECAUSE as writer's we have this undeniable need to share these little stories we concoct in hopes that someone will love it as much as we do!
i won't lie...i have a bit of a love/hate relationship with everything i write. one day i'll read it and think, fabulous! perfection! how could it get any better! and the next day i'll read it and think, why did i think i could ever write? you suck! i'm probably not the only writer who feels that way. it's a constant internal battle. we're only human.
but really truly i LOVE the story of calliope. name drop? doesn't she sound lovely? writer's write the stories they want to read. why else would you write a book if you weren't passionate about it? so when the day comes...i hope you fall in love with kaleidoscope like i have.