writing updates

we're gettin' official now

after five years of dabbling in writing young adult books i have finally found one that seems decent enough to send off into the world and i couldn't be more excited about it! hopefully you are too! if you are reading this blog i hope that answer is yes! i don't know why i'm using so many exclamation points...it's really not how i normally talk. But i'm just so EXCITED!

SO what's the book about, mindy? umm...let's leave it at faeries for now. i've still gotta come up with a little synopsis and i'm terrible at that so give me a few weeks. it's full of hot boys so that ups the ante, i think.

your question now may be...when will it be out, mindy? i hope that's what you're questioning anyway...and i don't have anything official yet. there's still so much to be done with copyrights and final edits and book cover making and formatting that it probably won't be until the end of this year. i'm hoping for something sooner than that, but i'm still not completely familiar with the steps for the whole process yet. BUT now you have something to look forward to besides christmas, right? RIGHT? i know i do. i don't even care if i only sell one book. okay...so maybe i'd be little disappointed. it'll just be exciting to know it's FINALLY out there! what! yes.