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Yup..it's official. Kaleidoscope will be out before December. WOOT! If things stay on track(I see a promising future) I'm aiming for the beginning of October!

SO let's celebrate with another teaser! Sound good to you? Sounds fabulous to me!

Before I realized what I was doing, I was standing face to face with the wild man. I felt this irresistible need to be close to him, to touch him, to smell him. He smelled woodsy, but not in a negative way. It was a citrusy musk, crisp. My heart was pounding in my chest for this guy in front of me. It was as if time stood still. My life had paused and everything fell away, but him. What was happening to me? My hand reached out to touch his chiseled face. I only wanted to run my fingers down his cheek, to feel the warmth of his pulse under his skin. What harm could that do? 
He smiled mischievously. "Do you believe me now?"