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A teaser!
Yes, there will be one at the end of this post. I've come to apologize. I jumped the gun in thinking Kaleidoscope would be ready by October. Due to some glitches outside of my control it's looking more like the end of December/Beginning of January. Sad...so sad...but true. I'm probably more sad about it than you.

But on the plus side, writing for Faylinn #2 and Falling Into Memories (my YA contemporary romance) is going well! Woot! I'll share more as time goes on, but I figured I'd throw out that tidbit of info for now.

Please accept this teaser as I hang my head in shame. In this teaser Calliope is referring to my favorite leading man. *squee*

"Our eyes locked. In that moment something passed in the space between us. A string linked our lives, intertwining every part of me that I never realized I wanted to be touched by him. I wanted nothing more in that moment but for him to live. I could feel the Supremacy slowly dwindling, the connection gradually severing, but his eyes stayed fastened to mine. He was holding my heart and I don't think he even realized it." 

kaleidoscope, kaleidoscope teasers


Yup..it's official. Kaleidoscope will be out before December. WOOT! If things stay on track(I see a promising future) I'm aiming for the beginning of October!

SO let's celebrate with another teaser! Sound good to you? Sounds fabulous to me!

Before I realized what I was doing, I was standing face to face with the wild man. I felt this irresistible need to be close to him, to touch him, to smell him. He smelled woodsy, but not in a negative way. It was a citrusy musk, crisp. My heart was pounding in my chest for this guy in front of me. It was as if time stood still. My life had paused and everything fell away, but him. What was happening to me? My hand reached out to touch his chiseled face. I only wanted to run my fingers down his cheek, to feel the warmth of his pulse under his skin. What harm could that do? 
He smiled mischievously. "Do you believe me now?"

kaleidoscope, kaleidoscope teasers

teaser number one

because i'm feeling generous, i think every few weeks i'll post a little teaser until Kaleidoscope is released. what do ya think? i think yes. so without further ado, here is the first teaser:

When I turned to leave, movement caught my eye. I shifted my gaze to the right, deeper into the trees. Behind the haven of nature he had his arms arched, an arrow headed straight for my chest. I heard the stretch of the string on the bow, ready to release the arrow. His shimmering eyes were focused and determined. My eyes widened in response, but I couldn't even think to move, scared still.