As a thank you...

I have been plugging away at Ember for the last few days! It's coming along. I've already prepped my husband for the inevitable days of neglect so that I can get this story out to you all! For those of you goal is to have the first finished draft by the beginning of May so it can go through beta readers and edits and formatting and all that jazz to be available by the end of summer/early fall of THIS year. I promise to keep you up to date. This time around I'm not going to set any final dates until I ABSOLUTELY positively know for sure when it will be out!
I have been overwhelmed by the support of readers and am just so grateful for the recommendations and reviews that I've already seen after only a week and a half! It means more to me than you know. The only way for Kaleidoscope to become known is word of mouth, so I greatly appreciate all of you who have supported me in this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! SO for all of you dedicated readers I thought about doing a giveaway. As soon as Kaleidoscope reaches 30 reviews on Amazon I will giveaway a $25 AMAZON GIFTCARD as a thank you for being so supportive. Apparently this is the thing to do in the indie world so I'm going to jump on the band wagon! The reviews don't have to be good. Of course good reviews are always nicer to read, but I want honest opinions! Just comment here that you've written a review or post on my facebook page and I'll enter you in for the giveaway! I'll make the decision once the reviews have reached 30!