Psst! Hey! Yeah you!

Look to your right in the sidebar!

Scroll down a little bit.

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You'll get there.

Do you see it?

The poll. Obviously.

Whoever wins the poll gets a scene written in their perspective. So who will it be? You curious about what was going through Kai's head when he officially met Calliope or when they were trying to escape Liam and Owen? Maybe you want to know what Declan was thinking when he decided to venture into Calliope's house and walked in on Cameron and Calliope. Or maybe you want to know what was crossing Cameron's mind when he first met Kai. I can help you with this. Just vote in the poll for your favorite and I'll pick a scene to write from their perspective! I'm giving you a month. That should give you plenty of time to pick sides here.

It'll be epic. You'll see.