ember, writing updates

I'm baaaack!

Does that remind anyone else of that 1990's dinosaur cartoon movie? No? K.

Well after being liberatingly cut off from technology(seriously I didn't think once about wanting to get on my phone or laptop...it was AMAZING) I'm back with a vengeance to finish EMBER! You better believe as soon as we got in the car to make our 7 hour drive back home my laptop was open and my fingers were tapping away. I missed my Kai and Declan. Weird? Maybe. But only a little bit.

Now I'm right on track for a Fall release, ladies and gents! So many have asked me about release dates and all I can give you now is that it will be out Fall 2013. Once we're closer I'll start posting teasers, but in the mean time keep spreading the word about Kaleidoscope! Tell your sister's best friend's daughter's dog! I don't care...just shout it from the rooftops!