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The Willowhaven Series

When I first started writing Me After You I in no way intended for it to be more than a standalone novel. I honestly didn't really even know what it was that was coming to me while I was in my world of Faylinn. Suddenly Sawyer started talking to me, and then Dean showed up and I'm like, "Okay. I hear you guys. Let's do this." But then some secondary characters came along as I was writing and I started to fall for them as well.  So, I toyed with the idea in my head and thought, maybe they'll get a story. Then as betas were finishing MAY they were coming at me with OHMYGOSHALIXANDAIDENNEEDASTORY! (Just like that.) And it just solidified it.

So, as I assume you've gathered from the title of this post(and what some of you have already seen on FB or GR) Me After You will have a sequel and it will be Alix and Aiden's story. I'm aiming for next Summer/Fall as the release. They are already babbling up a storm in my head. But I've still got Luminary to finish up or I'll have readers showing up on my doorstep with pitchforks! So, once Luminary is finished I'll get A & A's story to y'all!

And I don't plan to stop there. While people have had mixed feelings about Lily, I know she has a story that wants to be told too. So, sometime in 2015, she will get a story as well. You'll just have to wait and see who her other half is...

Me After You, writing updates

Sawyer Is My Soul Sister

I know I've fallen off the face of the earth this past month. I've been so consumed with finishing Me After You. And guess what? I finished it.

It's so bittersweet. I'm really sad that it had to end. Books that I've finished in the past have felt like accomplishments and I heaved sighs of relief because finally it's over! Finally the story is complete! It's not that those books haven't been enjoyable to write, they just come from a completely different place in my heart. Although, Sawyer and Dean's world hasn't been the easiest to live in, it's made me feel at home. I've never felt more attached to fictional characters. I love all my Faylinnians, but they just aren't the same as Sawyer. I hope you grow to love her as much as I do. She really is my soul sister.

Oh, and I think you'll love Grayson and Dean too ;)

I've thought about publishing this one under a pen name because it's so different from the Faylinn Series and I don't want people to go into it thinking they are going to get something similar, but at the same time I've never really understood why people use pen names. Most of the time authors end up telling you they were the ones to write the book or they pen it as, "So and So writing as So and So", which has never made any sense to me. So, I'm just an author dabbling in different genres.

Me After You is about love and loss. It's not all rainbows and butterflies. And if you read it because you thought, "Well, I like Kaleidoscope, maybe I'll like Me After You", you might be sorely disappointed...or maybe not. I'm not selling this story very well, am I? The point is Me After You is nothing like my YA fantasy series, but I hope you like it just as much!

 If things pan out it just might be available in November instead of December! I'm ahead of schedule, but we all know how that goes.....

Good news is I will be revealing the cover sometime next month!

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Popping in to say HEY

Hey hey hey!

Just wanted to check in with a little writing update!

For all of you that have already finished Ember(I'm LOVING the feedback...THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and are ready for Book 3 in The Faylinn Series I will jump right on it as soon as MAY(Me After You) is finished! Hopefully by Spring/Summer of 2014 I will have it to you. I hate to do that to ya...I promise I didn't do it on purpose! Blame Sawyer...she's a little stubborn and persistent. She wanted her story told and Calliope is a little more patient, so she's just hanging back. But I know what it's like to wait for the conclusion to a series, so I will get it done as soon as I can!


I'm doing a little giveaway on Facebook, so if you have an account go check it out! For anyone that hasn't read Kaleidoscope or Ember yet...I will be giving away an ebook copy of Kaleidoscope AND Ember to ONE lucky winner :)


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...Me After You...

I've talked a little about my standalone New Adult Contemporary Romance that will be coming out at the end of this year. Me After You. I hope ya'll are as excited about it as I am!

Here's the synopsis:

When tragedy strikes, Sawyer Hartwell has no choice but to return to her hometown, a town that holds memories she would rather forget. Broke and alone, the intention was to heal and find herself again, but how can she heal in a place filled with so much sorrow? To make matters worse, the man who used to be her world, the lying thief who stole her heart and ripped it out by leaving, is back. 

 Dean Preston has regretted leaving Willowhaven since the day he left six years ago, but a choice had to be made. It turns out he chose wrong and destroyed the only love he had ever known. Now he’s back, and so is Sawyer, but he’s with Lily. His thoughts are consumed with mending their broken past, but how can he possibly try to rectify his mistakes when he’s involved with Lily and Sawyer wants nothing to do with him? 

In this story of loss, first loves, and self-discovery, Sawyer and Dean travel down a road filled with heartache, but possible redemption. Can their story be rewritten? After all that has transpired, is it possible to repair all the damage that has been done? Or are they destined to walk the paths of their broken lives a part?

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Teaser Tuesday: Round One Ember (Faylinn#2)

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen that I'll be posting little teasers every week for Ember up until it's release. I'm not giving specifics on the exact release date yet, but I can say with quite a bit of certainty that it will probably be late summer rather than fall! If you haven't read Kaleidoscope yet, then go BUY it and READ it first! Otherwise, proceed at your own risk of the story being spoiled! This is, in fact, the second book in a series! Now because Ember hasn't been edited yet, things might change subtly, but the storyline will remain the same.

 Here's the first teaser:
*Contains spoilers*

“Calliope Willow, do you solemnly vow to faithfully guide and direct all those who reside within this land? Will you honor and treasure the lives of the fae and unfailingly protect Faylinn against all evil for the rest of your existence?”
This was it. Once I made this vow I would be bound to Faylinn for the rest of my life. This was my last chance to wash my hands of this world and go back to my family and the life I knew. It would be a cowardly, selfish move, but I could do it.

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Revealing the Perfect Title

When you find a perfect title, it's like knowing when you're in love.

When you know...you know.

I've been contemplating this title for a few months. In the beginning it was called Jackpot(as a filler) So when I talked about it to my friends I didn't have to keep saying, 'you know that one book that I've been working on with the girl that...you know that one'. And the feedback on Jackpot was not the greatest. And I understand that completely. Especially after the book started to really take form. Jackpot was a horrible fit.

But what do you title a book that feels like another appendage? What could possibly be good enough to encompass every heart warming/wrenching feeling I get when I write this story?

So I went with simplicity.

Me After You.

It could hold a triple meaning if you know what you're looking for and that's exactly what I wanted. Not just words, but a meaning within the words.

So there you have it. Hopefully, you will have Me After You in your hands by the end of the year. It's taken a hold of me, so it seems promising!

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I'm in denial

I finished the first draft of EMBER and I'm pretty sure I'm in denial. Can it really almost be complete? Yes. Yes, it can and I still can't fathom that. I've not only finished one book, but TWO! WHAT?!


I'm calm.

Sort of.

So I should give myself a break, right? Spend some time with the husband. Read some books that have been sitting on my nightstand/waiting on my tablet to be read(I have about 20), but my fingers are ITCHING. I've got to finish that WIP I mentioned a few posts back here. Sawyer and Dean are ready for their story to be told. I've got to put the faeries aside for a few months. I need a break. As much as I love Calliope and Kai and Declan. I need some space, guys. Sorry.

But I'm not really that sorry.

SO I'm just going to dive right on in to the WIP and hope that you all love it as much as I do. Though I know that's not possible. I love it a lot.

A lot a lot.

I also may be jumping the gun a little bit. We just did the covershoot for it.  I did this for one reason and one reason only: my niece was in town and she was the perfect fit for the main character. So BOOM. We've looked at some proofs and though she couldn't stop laughing the entire time, I think we've got some good options for the cover. I haven't even seen the final product and I already can't wait to share it with you all!

Though the cover won't be done until October because well 1. that's the soonest I could get on Okay Creations schedule (because Sarah is that awesome and in demand) and 2. I need a title before a cover can even be made. I'm halfway through finishing the book and nothing seems to fit it just right.

This book is a part of me. It's like another appendage. I've heard authors say things about books they've written and how they are a part of them and I thought well, duh, you wrote it. It's coming from your mind. But I completely get that now. This book is my heart and soul. Do I even want the rest of the world seeing that far in my soul?



But yes. 

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Let me riddle you a ditty

So I've been working on this little ditty. I've been dying to and nervous beyond belief to talk about it. Some of you may have discovered it in my WIP(work-in-progress) tab. I started writing it when I was going through a bit of a rough patch and Sawyer stepped in. She's crawled onto my heart and has sat there waiting for her story to finish. I try to sit down and finish writing Ember every night, but before the end of the night Sawyer knocks on my brain like...Umm...I'm still here. You can finish my story anytime now. And Dean's like...Enough of this faery business. Our story needs to be told. (It's okay that you don't know who Dean is yet. You will. And you will love him.) Now you might find me crazy and that's because I am. I think all writers have to be a little bit crazy. No offense writers.
Writing this story has been agony and heartbreak and sweat and tears. Lots of tears. Literally. I cry a lot while writing it. But I have to finish it. And just as Dean says, I can't leave Sawyer broken. I have to see Sawyer survive. I have to see her put back together. That's exactly how I feel. So I'm not going to make any promises on when books will come out because I have to be true to myself and what inspirations I receive. I'll try to set timelines, but when a story comes together it can't be put on the back burner. I do promise, however, to get Ember to you first, but this will follow shortly after.(before the third installment in the Faylinn series)

Just a couple reminders. When I get to 30 reviews on Amazon I still plan on giving away a $25 Amazon giftcard...SO if you have finished Kaleidoscope and haven't written a review yet do me a favor because you love me and head over and write a review. Then comment here or on my FB telling me you did and I'll add you to my list of names added to the giveaway!
Also if you haven't voted in the poll yet Kai is sweeping the contest, but if you want a scene in Declan's perspective or Cameron's I suggest voting! It's in the sidebar..scrolls just a bit...you'll see it.

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I'm baaaack!

Does that remind anyone else of that 1990's dinosaur cartoon movie? No? K.

Well after being liberatingly cut off from technology(seriously I didn't think once about wanting to get on my phone or laptop...it was AMAZING) I'm back with a vengeance to finish EMBER! You better believe as soon as we got in the car to make our 7 hour drive back home my laptop was open and my fingers were tapping away. I missed my Kai and Declan. Weird? Maybe. But only a little bit.

Now I'm right on track for a Fall release, ladies and gents! So many have asked me about release dates and all I can give you now is that it will be out Fall 2013. Once we're closer I'll start posting teasers, but in the mean time keep spreading the word about Kaleidoscope! Tell your sister's best friend's daughter's dog! I don't care...just shout it from the rooftops!

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Oh, hey! Guess What?

Kaleidoscope is officially AVAILABLE!

BUY it here on AMAZON

BUY it here on BARNES & NOBLE

For those of you that do not have a Nook or a Kindle and would still like to read Kaleidoscope--Barnes & Noble and Amazon both provide a free app that you can download for your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Google Tablet, etc...etc...

I hope to have it available on Smashwords and the iBookstore SOON!

So share it with your best friend, your mom, your sister, your next door neighbor's cousin. If you think they'd like Kaleidoscope...spread the LOVE my friends! Spread the LOVE!