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Teaser Tuesday: Round Six Ember (Faylinn #2)

In Ember you're going to be meeting a lot of new characters. Today I wanted to introduce you to Sakari (Sa-car-y), In case you were curious on how to say this ridiculously spelled name ;) Some have fallen for him, some can't stand him and some don't know what to make of him. Here's a little sneak peek!

After I was seated I looked at Sakari who was dressed in all black. The combination between his dark hair and clothing heightened the glow of his citrus colored eyes. He was already watching me with a smile on his face and then he nodded. My mouth turned up in response. I couldn’t help it if I wanted to. His smile once again did funny things to me like a little schoolgirl being acknowledged by her first crush. I was not crushing on the new guy. It was just his charming smile. The butterflies didn’t actually mean anything.
Behind me I heard one of my Keepers obnoxiously clear their throat. I turned to see Kai with a feigned expression of innocence as if he didn’t know why I was looking at him with irritation. He couldn’t be normal to save his life. This was important. If Kai lashed out with one of his juvenile tantrums we were all going to find out exactly what my supremacy could do.