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Teaser Tuesday: Round Seven Ember (Faylinn #2)

Ember is right around the corner guys! So today I'm going to give you the LAST Ember teaser! You'll just have to wait for the rest :)

*If you haven't read Kaleidoscope yet I suggest not reading any further. For Kaleidoscope teasers you can click on 'excerpts' on the top bar*

I heard the door shut. “My queen?” Kai hovered near the doorway. “I know that it may—” 
“Kai, I want to be alone.” 
“I mean it.” I gritted my teeth against the tears already streaming down my face. 
“You did what you had to,” he said softly, but somehow firmly. 
“At what cost?” I spun around with liquid blurring my vision. “How could what I just did be right when it feels this agonizing? I abused my power. I tore a part a couple that loves just as Desmond and Cora, maybe more. I destroyed that. And for what? To appease a kingdom that hates me anyway?” 
He stepped towards me. “They don’t all hate you. You have to give this time.” 
“I don’t want this. I can’t do this anymore,” I uttered, shaking my head. “This isn’t what I signed up for.” The tears took hold of me then, racking my body. And I was in his arms and there was no calming me down. He shushed my hair and ran his hands up and down my back, soothingly me in a way he never had before.