Do I still have any hair left?

After a million grueling hours of formatting paperbacks for the first time(I'm surprised I'm not bald after pulling all of my hair out), you will all be happy to know KALEIDOSCOPE will be available in PAPERBACK within the next month or so! YAY!

I've heard there are different stages of feeling like you're a legit author. The first is when you finish your manuscript,though I still just felt like an aspiring writer, I finished a BOOK. I was an author. The second is the moment when it's published for people to actually read. People have my book on their eReaders. They are rating and review it. BUT actually seeing your book in paper form...THAT'S when it's going to feel real. That's when I think I will finally feel legit. I'm SO excited!

As soon as I know more I'll keep you posted!