Me After You, Me After You excerpt

Me After You TEASE

We haven't had a good tease in a while. With the release of Me After You fast approaching, I thought you guys deserved another one. I've been doing a lot of revamping as beta readers have finished and tossed in their input, so here's a tease from a brand new scene--written just last night actually.

*Disclaimer: It's unedited.* 

A dark fog engulfs me. I don’t hear, see or feel anything around me but my fist meeting Dustin’s face. It all happens within a matter of seconds. One moment I’m standing in front of him, the next I’m kneeling over his body wailing on him. 

Strong arms pull me back as people shout my name. I try to wretch free, but their hold tightens. Sawyer comes into view, but I don’t hear a thing that’s coming out of her mouth. My sights are set on the douchebag being picked up off the ground by his buddies. He wipes his mouth and spits blood, cursing at me, but I don’t hear any of it. I want another shot to tear him to shreds. 

“Dean. Dean. Hey.” Sawyer places her small hands on either side of my face. “Hey, look at me. Look at me,” she says carefully, stroking my jaw. “Dean, you with me? Hey.” With my teeth grinding, I breathe through my nose and shift my stare to Sawyer. 

Worry spreads across her face and I blink away my rage. 

“Hey, there you are.” She smiles gently as if she didn’t just see me beat the tar out of that kid. “He’s not worth going to jail for. Will you breathe with me?” She inhales through her nose and exhales out her mouth. I watch her take a couple breaths and feel her chest rising and falling against my body, then I imitate the motions. Her brown eyes peer up at me with tenderness and my anger slowly dissipates.