Top THREE books of 2013

In years passed I've always done a top 10 list of my favorite books of the year, but that's when I was reading 75 - 100 books a year. This year I didn't get as much reading time in. I didn't even get to read 50 books this year...haha. It was more like 30. This actually makes me really sad because I know there were a lot of good books out there this year that I didn't get to read. But I'm cutting myself some slack. I self-published THREE books, finalized Kaleidoscope, finished writing Ember, wrote Me After You, began Luminary and Willowhaven #2 as well as tried to keep up with my personal life. It's been one HECK of a year! So I just wanted to share my top 3 favorite books of this year with you.

If you want to read what they are about click on the title. I've linked them to their Goodreads page! That way you don't rely solely on what I say. The other reviews speak for themselves.

1.Clockwork Princess

If y'all aren't aware...I LOVE Cassandra Clare. Like...a lot. I devoured The Mortal Instruments series. And Iinhaled The Infernal Devices series. Clockwork Princess is the third book in the series and by far my favorite one! Cassandra Clare is one of those writers that can equally write anything. She can write action and humor and romance and wit and suspense, etc... This woman does it all in every one of her books. Not to mention her character development is like no other. Clockwork Princess did NOT disappoint! Do yourself a favor if you haven't already and read the Infernal Devices.

"I want you to be happy, and him to be happy. And yet when you walk that aisle to meet him and join yourselves forever you will walk an invisible path of the shards of my heart, Tessa. I would give over my own life for your happiness. I thought perhaps that when you told me you did not love me that my own feelings would fall away and atrophy, but they have not. They have grown every day. I love you now more desperately, this moment, than I have ever loved you before, and in an hour I will love you more than that."

2.Just One Day

You ever want to read a book that gives you all the feels? That pulls all your heartstrings and sews you back up? This is it. Gayle Forman wrote If I Stay/Where She went, easily two of my favorite books OF ALL TIME, but you guys already know that. She is a master of words. Gayle could write a novel on a roll of toilet paper and I would still read it. Just One Day is no exception. It's apart of a duology just like IIS/WSW. The second book is called Just One Year and like her other two, the first book gives the female perspective and the second gives the male. I love her male perspectives so I have no doubt that Just One Year will be just as good!

"We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day."

3. The Opportunist

Oh, The fetching Opportunist. You want a book to tear your heart out? This is it. Or well, it's only the beginning. This is the first book in the three-book series and to me, it's the best one. Though you will find no perfectly wrapped up HEA here, this book will consume you. It's a messy love story. Tarryn Fisher has a way with words. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. And after I finished it, I couldn't pick up another book for like a month. Talk about a book hangover. No book I've ever read tops that. You might even remember me talking about it here at the beginning of the year. Folks, it still gets to me when I think about it nearly a year later.

"You will remember me every day for the rest of your life because I was the one and you threw me away."