A Fighting Chance Cover Reveal

HEY Y'ALL! I know recently all I've posted are cover reveals. I've been so immersed in Luminary since my long writing hiatus that I haven't done much else aside from write for the last month!(I promise to get back on track as soon as Luminary is finished! ...which is hopefully SOON.) This cover reveal is EXTRA special because Brittany Delys was my first indie author friend and the cover was designed by none other than my Fierce Five sister, Starla Huchton! I've read some early drafts of A Fight Chance and you're going to love Ethan!

A Fighting Chance is the second book in The Triad Series. So, if you haven't checked out Just A Touch(The Triad #1) read up about it HERE!

“Why does it have to be him? Couldn’t it have been someone else that Jade saw? Not him, anyone but Ethan.”

Nineteen year old, enlisted Marine, Ethan Mitchell is completely unaware of the happenings in his hometown of Bakers Ridge. Having just completed boot camp, Ethan heads straight to Arianna’s front door expecting to surprise her and be welcomed back into her life with open arms. What he encounters, however, is anything but what he expects; leaving him with more unanswered questions and conflict than the day he left.

Newly appointed Guardian, Bianca Dawson, with her small stature and delicate features, continually has to fight to be recognized for what she truly is. When she’s appointed as Guardian to the Healer, Bianca begins a journey that will put all of her abilities and training to the test. With the threat to the Triad escalating, Bianca will do everything it takes to protect them—even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.

When Ethan’s true identity is revealed, Bianca will stop at nothing to help him realize who he truly is. Through heartache, betrayal, forgiveness, and love, will Bianca be able to convince the Fighter to accept his destiny or will he continue to deny it, ultimately losing the people he cares about forever?

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