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Because of your awesomeness

Awesomeness. It's a word. And if it's not..I just made it one.
I've been trying to expedite the process of making Kaleidoscope available. Right now the hold up with releasing it is the copyright. It's going to take two and a half months to get a copyright. LAME, right? I had no idea it would take so long. SO because you all are so awesome and supportive...in the mean time I give you...the Prologue!

Decisions should be black and white. Either it's wrong or it's right. But there's too much grey area for that. Things that tug at your mind, causing you to question your actions and motives. Where do your loyalties lie? Where are they supposed to lie? Whose lives are supposed to be spared? Who deserves to die? But most importantly, whose right is it to make those decisions?
While watching the scene play out in front of me, the light gradually dimming as sunset approached, I was suddenly aware of the decision I needed to make. She smiled so happily as the swing flew higher in the tree, the wind blowing in her long blonde curls. He stood behind her, his face splashed with that same happiness, those same gleaming green eyes. I heard him encourage her to hold on tight with fatherly care.
We approached quietly, camouflaged by the trees, weighing my options. My mind knew what it wanted to do, but the consequences would fall on me tenfold. Would it be worth it? Could I even get away with it?
Her laughter trailed through the air, filling the outdoors, resonating in my ears, solidifying the choice I needed to make. The consequences suddenly didn't matter. I knew where my loyalties lay. It would be worth it. The grey area separated and all that was left was stark white and solid black. 
That was the moment my dagger tore through flesh, cementing my decision.