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A teaser!
Yes, there will be one at the end of this post. I've come to apologize. I jumped the gun in thinking Kaleidoscope would be ready by October. Due to some glitches outside of my control it's looking more like the end of December/Beginning of January. Sad...so sad...but true. I'm probably more sad about it than you.

But on the plus side, writing for Faylinn #2 and Falling Into Memories (my YA contemporary romance) is going well! Woot! I'll share more as time goes on, but I figured I'd throw out that tidbit of info for now.

Please accept this teaser as I hang my head in shame. In this teaser Calliope is referring to my favorite leading man. *squee*

"Our eyes locked. In that moment something passed in the space between us. A string linked our lives, intertwining every part of me that I never realized I wanted to be touched by him. I wanted nothing more in that moment but for him to live. I could feel the Supremacy slowly dwindling, the connection gradually severing, but his eyes stayed fastened to mine. He was holding my heart and I don't think he even realized it."