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It begins with a spark

After hours and hours of brainstorming and discussions over the last few months there is a title for Faylinn Book #2. There was a Hayes family discussion where the name was FINALLY born. Thank you mother-in-law. It fits the book perfectly.

You ready for it?


Mull it over. Test it on your lips. Embrace it. Love it.


Though Ember will not be out until next year it was necessary to come up with a name because we shot the cover last week! Yup. And it's going to be AWESOME. Seriously.

And I hear the questions flying. Are you finished with Ember? You already did the photo-shoot for Ember and the Kaleidoscope's not even out? Why are you holding out? Why? WHY? WHY! (Okay so I'm feeling a little overly dramatic today.)

Here are some simple answers. I'm hoping to be finished with Ember by the beginning of next year to make it available by Spring 2013. So I wanted to do the cover shoot now to make sure we got some good green before the winter took it away.

The shoot was a blast! The model-whowillnotbenamed-was such a champ. He was perfect, climbing in trees with his pointy ears all shirt-less and such...haha. I'll have the cover reveal sometime next month. The cover will be bombskies. I just know it.

So here's to Ember!