Me After You, writing updates

Revealing the Perfect Title

When you find a perfect title, it's like knowing when you're in love.

When you know.

I've been contemplating this title for a few months. In the beginning it was called Jackpot(as a filler) So when I talked about it to my friends I didn't have to keep saying, 'you know that one book that I've been working on with the girl know that one'. And the feedback on Jackpot was not the greatest. And I understand that completely. Especially after the book started to really take form. Jackpot was a horrible fit.

But what do you title a book that feels like another appendage? What could possibly be good enough to encompass every heart warming/wrenching feeling I get when I write this story?

So I went with simplicity.

Me After You.

It could hold a triple meaning if you know what you're looking for and that's exactly what I wanted. Not just words, but a meaning within the words.

So there you have it. Hopefully, you will have Me After You in your hands by the end of the year. It's taken a hold of me, so it seems promising!