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Me After You goes on a blog tour TOMORROW! Not familiar with blog tours? You'll get reviews and interviews and Me After You inspired playlists and dream casts and blurbs and favorite quotes and a giveaway! Oh My! Oh, and did I mention there's going to be a GIVEAWAY? Yeah. Get excited. I am.I'm posting the tour schedule here, so that you can follow along if you'd like to. Right now I've just linked it to the fabulous blogs that are participating, but as the posts go live I will link it to the tour posts. :) YAY!

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Thank you Shane for putting the tour together!

Me After You, Willowhaven, writing updates

The Willowhaven Series

When I first started writing Me After You I in no way intended for it to be more than a standalone novel. I honestly didn't really even know what it was that was coming to me while I was in my world of Faylinn. Suddenly Sawyer started talking to me, and then Dean showed up and I'm like, "Okay. I hear you guys. Let's do this." But then some secondary characters came along as I was writing and I started to fall for them as well.  So, I toyed with the idea in my head and thought, maybe they'll get a story. Then as betas were finishing MAY they were coming at me with OHMYGOSHALIXANDAIDENNEEDASTORY! (Just like that.) And it just solidified it.

So, as I assume you've gathered from the title of this post(and what some of you have already seen on FB or GR) Me After You will have a sequel and it will be Alix and Aiden's story. I'm aiming for next Summer/Fall as the release. They are already babbling up a storm in my head. But I've still got Luminary to finish up or I'll have readers showing up on my doorstep with pitchforks! So, once Luminary is finished I'll get A & A's story to y'all!

And I don't plan to stop there. While people have had mixed feelings about Lily, I know she has a story that wants to be told too. So, sometime in 2015, she will get a story as well. You'll just have to wait and see who her other half is...

cover reveals, Me After You, Me After You excerpt

I Tease You

I know y'all probably were overloaded with the Me After You cover yesterday. Or maybe that was just me! But let's look at it again...

*Sigh* I honestly could look at it all day...

If all goes as planned Me After You will be available in eBook on November 22, 2013! And hopefully shortly after that I'll have it in paperback. Woot woot!

Okay now to the good stuff cuz it's Tuesday and Tuesdays deserve a TEASER!

***REMINDER: It's unedited.***

Warning: Scene contains violence

Bile rises in my throat. It didn’t occur to me that he would actually try something. We’re not in some dark alley. We’re off Main Street, but he’s not deterred. “If you even dare try, I promise you’ll regret it.” 

“I doubt that.” His hands grab my wrists, locking them behind my back before shoving me back against the brick building. It’s so quick I don’t get a chance to scream before his tongue invades my mouth. The jagged bricks stab my arms and the more I attempt to break them free the harder he pushes and the deeper the brick digs into my skin. One of his hands moves to my chin to hold it still, keeping me from trashing from side to side. I try to lift a knee, but his body is flush against mine, leaving no room for leverage. 

Tears pierce my eyes as I cry into his mouth. He takes my desperate pleas as encouragement and begins feeling his way up my shirt. Each inch that his fingers crawl, the more intense the fear swells in my chest. This is really happening to me. And then he’s gone. 

I exhale and open my eyes to see someone throw a punch across his jaw. He doubles over and whoever threw the punch uprights him, holding him by the throat. 

“If I ever, ever see you near Sawyer again I swear I will end you, Josh.” 

I know that voice. I know that voice like I know my own. 

"Oh c’mon, Dean. We were just getting reacquainted.” Josh smirks with blood dripping from his lip. “She liked it. Didn’t you hear her moans?” 

Dean punches him again, knocking his head to the other side. “Don’t give me that load of bull.” His voice is seething as he attempts to remain calm. “You don’t touch her.” 

“Why do you care? She’s not yours. She’s free game now. Didn’t you hear that her husband got whacked?” 

Dean punches Josh again so hard his head snaps to the side and hangs. Dean lowers his voice to a deadly calm level. “I’m going to give you one more chance to shut your mouth and walk away because we’re old friends and you’re drunk, but if you so much as think of touching Sawyer again I’ll kill you. I swear on my life, Josh… I will end yours.” 

Josh lifts his head weakly and raises his hands in mock surrender. He spits blood. “Geez, Dean. I was leaving anyway,” he slurs. 

Dean stands rigid with his back to me as he watches Josh stumble down the sidewalk. When he turns and sees me, his stone face softens. He relaxes his jaw and swallows. “You okay?” 

I nod, but the tears are spilling down my cheeks. I don’t know why I’m crying. He reaches for me and I don’t protest when he pulls me into his arms. In his arms, I feel safe. I feel protected. I forget that I hate him so much.

cover reveals, Me After You

Me After You Cover Reveal

I've been waiting for this day for weeks! As soon as I got the cover back for Me After You I wanted to share it with the world, but I used some patience(what little of it that I have). My cover designer hit it right on the nose. I didn't have to ask her to change a single thing about it. I love it so much.

I know many of you have been a little dismayed with what book I'm releasing next.  Your third book isn't going to be Faylinn #3?! WHAT??? Trust me. You're not the only one who was thrown. When Sawyer and Dean came to me I pleaded with them. I've got another book to write, guys. You have to wait your turn. I don't have time for an entirely new story. But they didn't care, and once you read Me After You I hope you don't care either.

Today, with the help of some wonderful friends and bloggers, you'll get the first look at the cover of Me After You. YAY!

Okay, I'll stop rambling. You can go to any of these blogs to see the cover:


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Me After You, Me After You excerpt

Me After You TEASE

We haven't had a good tease in a while. With the release of Me After You fast approaching, I thought you guys deserved another one. I've been doing a lot of revamping as beta readers have finished and tossed in their input, so here's a tease from a brand new scene--written just last night actually.

*Disclaimer: It's unedited.* 

A dark fog engulfs me. I don’t hear, see or feel anything around me but my fist meeting Dustin’s face. It all happens within a matter of seconds. One moment I’m standing in front of him, the next I’m kneeling over his body wailing on him. 

Strong arms pull me back as people shout my name. I try to wretch free, but their hold tightens. Sawyer comes into view, but I don’t hear a thing that’s coming out of her mouth. My sights are set on the douchebag being picked up off the ground by his buddies. He wipes his mouth and spits blood, cursing at me, but I don’t hear any of it. I want another shot to tear him to shreds. 

“Dean. Dean. Hey.” Sawyer places her small hands on either side of my face. “Hey, look at me. Look at me,” she says carefully, stroking my jaw. “Dean, you with me? Hey.” With my teeth grinding, I breathe through my nose and shift my stare to Sawyer. 

Worry spreads across her face and I blink away my rage. 

“Hey, there you are.” She smiles gently as if she didn’t just see me beat the tar out of that kid. “He’s not worth going to jail for. Will you breathe with me?” She inhales through her nose and exhales out her mouth. I watch her take a couple breaths and feel her chest rising and falling against my body, then I imitate the motions. Her brown eyes peer up at me with tenderness and my anger slowly dissipates.

Me After You, writing updates

Sawyer Is My Soul Sister

I know I've fallen off the face of the earth this past month. I've been so consumed with finishing Me After You. And guess what? I finished it.

It's so bittersweet. I'm really sad that it had to end. Books that I've finished in the past have felt like accomplishments and I heaved sighs of relief because finally it's over! Finally the story is complete! It's not that those books haven't been enjoyable to write, they just come from a completely different place in my heart. Although, Sawyer and Dean's world hasn't been the easiest to live in, it's made me feel at home. I've never felt more attached to fictional characters. I love all my Faylinnians, but they just aren't the same as Sawyer. I hope you grow to love her as much as I do. She really is my soul sister.

Oh, and I think you'll love Grayson and Dean too ;)

I've thought about publishing this one under a pen name because it's so different from the Faylinn Series and I don't want people to go into it thinking they are going to get something similar, but at the same time I've never really understood why people use pen names. Most of the time authors end up telling you they were the ones to write the book or they pen it as, "So and So writing as So and So", which has never made any sense to me. So, I'm just an author dabbling in different genres.

Me After You is about love and loss. It's not all rainbows and butterflies. And if you read it because you thought, "Well, I like Kaleidoscope, maybe I'll like Me After You", you might be sorely disappointed...or maybe not. I'm not selling this story very well, am I? The point is Me After You is nothing like my YA fantasy series, but I hope you like it just as much!

 If things pan out it just might be available in November instead of December! I'm ahead of schedule, but we all know how that goes.....

Good news is I will be revealing the cover sometime next month!

ember, Me After You, Me After You excerpt

Celebrate good times COME ON!

EMBER IS NOW AVAILABLE! YAY! We're doing a lot of celebrating today.  You can buy it HERE (on Amazon) or HERE (on Barnes and Noble).

One way we're celebrating is with a snippet of something I'm working on right now. ME AFTER YOU. It will be available in December of this year. I'm SUPER excited about this one. Sawyer is very close to my heart.

*Because its something I'm working on it's possible these words could change a little bit, but not a whole lot.*

I don’t know what prompts me to look across the street through the row of trees as I walk. Maybe it’s to avoid the eye contact of every person walking toward me, but as soon as I do, I regret it. My eyes have to be deceiving me. When my heart recognizes him, it stops. 
He waves behind him and then his eyes squint at the sun. Dark stubble lines his jawline. It can’t be him. He’s not supposed to be here. But there he is. Six years older, yet every bit the boy I fell in love with in high school. But could I actually still call him a boy? He doesn’t look much like a boy anymore. 
What is he doing here? I had only agreed to come back because I knew there was no way he’d ever show his face again. He promised me that. Through our screaming and tears he told me there was no way in Hades he’d ever consider staying in this town with me. 
I’m standing there on one side of the street like the sidewalk has formed around my feet, cementing them in place. I can’t move until his eyes drift in my direction. When he sees me I can’t decipher what’s going on in his head. On days when we used to lay underneath the willows and talk for hours, I learned what every expression meant. I had years to memorize them, but now he’s a stranger. 
His features freeze in unbelief. It’s as if he can’t believe I’m here, as if I’m the one who left without a trace. I want to scream at him and ask him why he’s looking at me like that. He doesn’t have the right to feel incredulous. 
He takes a step toward me and I bolt. This can’t be happening. I can’t handle any more bombs right now. And Dean Preston is a bomb with the power to decimate my entire world. 
What is left of it, anyway.

Me After You, synopsis, writing updates

...Me After You...

I've talked a little about my standalone New Adult Contemporary Romance that will be coming out at the end of this year. Me After You. I hope ya'll are as excited about it as I am!

Here's the synopsis:

When tragedy strikes, Sawyer Hartwell has no choice but to return to her hometown, a town that holds memories she would rather forget. Broke and alone, the intention was to heal and find herself again, but how can she heal in a place filled with so much sorrow? To make matters worse, the man who used to be her world, the lying thief who stole her heart and ripped it out by leaving, is back. 

 Dean Preston has regretted leaving Willowhaven since the day he left six years ago, but a choice had to be made. It turns out he chose wrong and destroyed the only love he had ever known. Now he’s back, and so is Sawyer, but he’s with Lily. His thoughts are consumed with mending their broken past, but how can he possibly try to rectify his mistakes when he’s involved with Lily and Sawyer wants nothing to do with him? 

In this story of loss, first loves, and self-discovery, Sawyer and Dean travel down a road filled with heartache, but possible redemption. Can their story be rewritten? After all that has transpired, is it possible to repair all the damage that has been done? Or are they destined to walk the paths of their broken lives a part?

Me After You, writing updates

Revealing the Perfect Title

When you find a perfect title, it's like knowing when you're in love.

When you know.

I've been contemplating this title for a few months. In the beginning it was called Jackpot(as a filler) So when I talked about it to my friends I didn't have to keep saying, 'you know that one book that I've been working on with the girl know that one'. And the feedback on Jackpot was not the greatest. And I understand that completely. Especially after the book started to really take form. Jackpot was a horrible fit.

But what do you title a book that feels like another appendage? What could possibly be good enough to encompass every heart warming/wrenching feeling I get when I write this story?

So I went with simplicity.

Me After You.

It could hold a triple meaning if you know what you're looking for and that's exactly what I wanted. Not just words, but a meaning within the words.

So there you have it. Hopefully, you will have Me After You in your hands by the end of the year. It's taken a hold of me, so it seems promising!