ember, Me After You, Me After You excerpt

Celebrate good times COME ON!

EMBER IS NOW AVAILABLE! YAY! We're doing a lot of celebrating today.  You can buy it HERE (on Amazon) or HERE (on Barnes and Noble).

One way we're celebrating is with a snippet of something I'm working on right now. ME AFTER YOU. It will be available in December of this year. I'm SUPER excited about this one. Sawyer is very close to my heart.

*Because its something I'm working on it's possible these words could change a little bit, but not a whole lot.*

I don’t know what prompts me to look across the street through the row of trees as I walk. Maybe it’s to avoid the eye contact of every person walking toward me, but as soon as I do, I regret it. My eyes have to be deceiving me. When my heart recognizes him, it stops. 
He waves behind him and then his eyes squint at the sun. Dark stubble lines his jawline. It can’t be him. He’s not supposed to be here. But there he is. Six years older, yet every bit the boy I fell in love with in high school. But could I actually still call him a boy? He doesn’t look much like a boy anymore. 
What is he doing here? I had only agreed to come back because I knew there was no way he’d ever show his face again. He promised me that. Through our screaming and tears he told me there was no way in Hades he’d ever consider staying in this town with me. 
I’m standing there on one side of the street like the sidewalk has formed around my feet, cementing them in place. I can’t move until his eyes drift in my direction. When he sees me I can’t decipher what’s going on in his head. On days when we used to lay underneath the willows and talk for hours, I learned what every expression meant. I had years to memorize them, but now he’s a stranger. 
His features freeze in unbelief. It’s as if he can’t believe I’m here, as if I’m the one who left without a trace. I want to scream at him and ask him why he’s looking at me like that. He doesn’t have the right to feel incredulous. 
He takes a step toward me and I bolt. This can’t be happening. I can’t handle any more bombs right now. And Dean Preston is a bomb with the power to decimate my entire world. 
What is left of it, anyway.