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Popping in to say HEY

Hey hey hey!

Just wanted to check in with a little writing update!

For all of you that have already finished Ember(I'm LOVING the feedback...THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and are ready for Book 3 in The Faylinn Series I will jump right on it as soon as MAY(Me After You) is finished! Hopefully by Spring/Summer of 2014 I will have it to you. I hate to do that to ya...I promise I didn't do it on purpose! Blame Sawyer...she's a little stubborn and persistent. She wanted her story told and Calliope is a little more patient, so she's just hanging back. But I know what it's like to wait for the conclusion to a series, so I will get it done as soon as I can!


I'm doing a little giveaway on Facebook, so if you have an account go check it out! For anyone that hasn't read Kaleidoscope or Ember yet...I will be giving away an ebook copy of Kaleidoscope AND Ember to ONE lucky winner :)