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I Tease You

I know y'all probably were overloaded with the Me After You cover yesterday. Or maybe that was just me! But let's look at it again...

*Sigh* I honestly could look at it all day...

If all goes as planned Me After You will be available in eBook on November 22, 2013! And hopefully shortly after that I'll have it in paperback. Woot woot!

Okay now to the good stuff cuz it's Tuesday and Tuesdays deserve a TEASER!

***REMINDER: It's unedited.***

Warning: Scene contains violence

Bile rises in my throat. It didn’t occur to me that he would actually try something. We’re not in some dark alley. We’re off Main Street, but he’s not deterred. “If you even dare try, I promise you’ll regret it.” 

“I doubt that.” His hands grab my wrists, locking them behind my back before shoving me back against the brick building. It’s so quick I don’t get a chance to scream before his tongue invades my mouth. The jagged bricks stab my arms and the more I attempt to break them free the harder he pushes and the deeper the brick digs into my skin. One of his hands moves to my chin to hold it still, keeping me from trashing from side to side. I try to lift a knee, but his body is flush against mine, leaving no room for leverage. 

Tears pierce my eyes as I cry into his mouth. He takes my desperate pleas as encouragement and begins feeling his way up my shirt. Each inch that his fingers crawl, the more intense the fear swells in my chest. This is really happening to me. And then he’s gone. 

I exhale and open my eyes to see someone throw a punch across his jaw. He doubles over and whoever threw the punch uprights him, holding him by the throat. 

“If I ever, ever see you near Sawyer again I swear I will end you, Josh.” 

I know that voice. I know that voice like I know my own. 

"Oh c’mon, Dean. We were just getting reacquainted.” Josh smirks with blood dripping from his lip. “She liked it. Didn’t you hear her moans?” 

Dean punches him again, knocking his head to the other side. “Don’t give me that load of bull.” His voice is seething as he attempts to remain calm. “You don’t touch her.” 

“Why do you care? She’s not yours. She’s free game now. Didn’t you hear that her husband got whacked?” 

Dean punches Josh again so hard his head snaps to the side and hangs. Dean lowers his voice to a deadly calm level. “I’m going to give you one more chance to shut your mouth and walk away because we’re old friends and you’re drunk, but if you so much as think of touching Sawyer again I’ll kill you. I swear on my life, Josh… I will end yours.” 

Josh lifts his head weakly and raises his hands in mock surrender. He spits blood. “Geez, Dean. I was leaving anyway,” he slurs. 

Dean stands rigid with his back to me as he watches Josh stumble down the sidewalk. When he turns and sees me, his stone face softens. He relaxes his jaw and swallows. “You okay?” 

I nod, but the tears are spilling down my cheeks. I don’t know why I’m crying. He reaches for me and I don’t protest when he pulls me into his arms. In his arms, I feel safe. I feel protected. I forget that I hate him so much.