Me After You, Willowhaven, writing updates

The Willowhaven Series

When I first started writing Me After You I in no way intended for it to be more than a standalone novel. I honestly didn't really even know what it was that was coming to me while I was in my world of Faylinn. Suddenly Sawyer started talking to me, and then Dean showed up and I'm like, "Okay. I hear you guys. Let's do this." But then some secondary characters came along as I was writing and I started to fall for them as well.  So, I toyed with the idea in my head and thought, maybe they'll get a story. Then as betas were finishing MAY they were coming at me with OHMYGOSHALIXANDAIDENNEEDASTORY! (Just like that.) And it just solidified it.

So, as I assume you've gathered from the title of this post(and what some of you have already seen on FB or GR) Me After You will have a sequel and it will be Alix and Aiden's story. I'm aiming for next Summer/Fall as the release. They are already babbling up a storm in my head. But I've still got Luminary to finish up or I'll have readers showing up on my doorstep with pitchforks! So, once Luminary is finished I'll get A & A's story to y'all!

And I don't plan to stop there. While people have had mixed feelings about Lily, I know she has a story that wants to be told too. So, sometime in 2015, she will get a story as well. You'll just have to wait and see who her other half is...